We, as most of you, have certainly done some “rediscovering” during the Covid-19 pandemic albeit not the type we had in mind for 2020.  Although the pandemic, social distancing, and bad weather have disrupted our chapter’s usual activities, our members have been resilient in their efforts to adapt to these changes.  Our usual meeting location is closed to the public so we have been meeting at the Wetzel Law Office in Gulfport.   For additional information regarding our meetings, please contact me or our President Karen Kuhn.

Christopher Pickreign, CMHT, Director


The Gulf Coast Legal Professionals publishes a Legal Directory of all practicing attorneys in Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, and Stone Counties.


These listings include all available office information for over 600 attorneys: name, MSB number, address, phone and fax numbers, and email address.


Included in the Legal Directory are the individual filing fees for Chancery, Circuit and County Courts in the four counties, plus city and county offices contact information.  Also included is a Federal and a State of Mississippi directory.


These Legal Directories are updated annually in January.  The 2021-2022 edition will be available for purchase soon.  The cost per Legal Directory is $12.00, with a $4.00 shipping and handling fee if you want them mailed.


For further information contact:

Barry Pickreign, CLP, ALP, Legal Directory Editor

Gulf Coast Legal Professionals

(228) 383-3984

email: barry.pickreign@gmail.com